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Due to the condition that my health is in, I will more than likely be deleting this blog.

I will be moving my scenarios to a blog all their own so for anyone who cares, you’ll be seeing them again in the kpop scenario tag.

I’ve had good memories here but my health….this blog isn’t helping my condition any. I’m sorry.

It’ll probably be up for another week or so till I can get everything set up for the scenarios.

Bye bye everyone. Now let’s see if I can get to sleep without puking.

Scenario: My Christmas Angel

Merry Christmas, everyone! ^o^ Well here is the Christmas scenario I’ve had planned for a couple months. Until I get back into writing you probably won’t see anything from me. ^.^;; I’m really sorry guys. Please forgive me. Well enjoy!~


TYPE: Regular Scenario (Alternate Universe-ish)
BIAS: Optional Angel

user posted image

“Oppa, it’s Christmas Eve……I don’t want to study anymore.”

You attempted to flash your angel a pout as you sat slouched at your desk. Of course this didn’t work since he had his back turned to you. He was currently standing at the foot of your bed as he folded a bundle of fresh towels. You had been studying for at least an hour but thanks to the holiday cheer floating around the castle like a thick fog, you were finding it rather difficult to study at all, let alone another hour.

It wasn’t till you had started to whimper that he finally sighed and turned around. You had recently discovered that when your pout didn’t do the trick, whimpering was always the next best bet. He looked so cute with his hands on his hips; giving you that smile of amusement as he shook his head. You simply smiled and batted your eyelashes as you clasped your hands together. This made him laugh as he nearly doubled over. His booming laughter filled the room and you couldn’t help but join him.

“Yah yah. Fine……I will need your assistance, anyhow.”

“You mean—”

“Yah! Not that!”

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